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Pedestrian killed in fatal accident on Route 114 in Massachusetts

Walking in the streets of Barnstable, Massachusetts, is probably not as safe as it used to be years ago. With the increased number of motor vehicles in Barnstable and other urban areas of Massachusetts, the risks of pedestrian accidents have become considerably higher. The situation is even worse on the freeways of state routes where usually the speed at which vehicles travel is much higher than city roads.In a recent fatal accident, not far from Barnstable, a 45-year-old pedestrian was killed after being hit by a truck while trying to cross Route 114 near the Interstate 95 exit ramps. According to reports, the driver of the vehicle was an 18-year-old woman — police have withheld the name of the woman and did not file charges until investigation reports were released. An accident very similar to this happened in 2012 when a pedestrian walking along Route 114 was hit by a pickup truck. It is a matter of concern about pedestrian safety for authorities since the most recent accident is the fifth since 2008 on Route 114.While driving on the roads, especially at night, a driver should always be attentive and concentrate on the road to avoid hitting any pedestrian because in the event of an accident, the chances of a pedestrian being killed or even getting severely injured is very high. A fatal car crash not only claims a life, but can also dishevel the peaceful and stable lives of the victim’s family.If any family in Barnstable, Massachusetts, faces the loss of a loved one, the survivors may choose to file a wrongful death claim against the person or persons who caused the accident. However, sometimes these filings require an in-depth investigation and reconstruction of the circumstances of the accident. That may prove to be a challenge for the survivors, especially when dealing with the loss. Source: The Boston Globe, “Pedestrian killed in crash on Route 114 in Danvers,” Catalina Gaitan, March 4, 2014

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