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Meningitis outbreak resulting in agency information sharing

The deadly fungal meningitis outbreak that occurred last year resulted in 751 cases of illness or death.  It is reported that 64 individuals died as a result of the outbreak.  This has resulted in a federal grand jury in Boston conducting an investigation of the New England Compounding Center.  Grand juries in other states have been assembled as well to look into the dealings of this business.  It has also resulted in these states and the federal government sharing information with each other concerning what has occurred. It is believed that the deaths came about due to tainted steroids being manufactured at the Massachusetts compounding pharmacy.  Some victims would like to see the pharmacy “prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”  It will still need to be determined whether executives at the company will face criminal prosecution, however.Though such prosecution does appear warranted, whether victims will be compensated concerning these matters is unclear.  The pharmacy company already filed for bankruptcy soon after lawsuits had been filed against it.  A bankruptcy judge has filed a January 15th deadline for victims to bring claims against the pharmacy.  We can likely expect that many of these claims will involve wrongful death allegations.Individual that have died due to the negligence may have been chief providers of emotional and financial support for others.  The prosecution of wrongful death cases will also require the services of attorneys familiar with personal injury and in some instances products liability law.  Sadly, wrongful death lawsuits may be the only means for family members to be compensated for the loss of a loved one due to some other party’s negligence.   Source: USA Today, “Meningitis outbreak may yield criminal charges,” Robin Erb, Nov. 25, 2013

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