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Fatal accident in Massachusetts leads to charges for woman

Words commonly heard following an accident include “sudden,” “unexpected” and “instantaneous.” Almost no one expects an accident to occur, and, when it does, drivers are often caught completely off guard. The same can be said for the family members who have lost loved ones in car accidents. The news of the fatal car accident comes suddenly and without warning. In an instant, their lives change, and they are forced to deal with a maelstrom of emotion and trauma, made worse by the financial challenges that follow.A woman is facing charges of negligent motor vehicle homicide after her involvement in a fatal car accident between a luxury vehicle and an ambulance. According to a police report, the woman drove her vehicle through a stop sign, collided with the ambulance and caused it to roll over. A patient, 58, was returning home from a dialysis appointment when the accident occurred. Tragically, she died at a nearby hospital as a result of the injuries she suffered during the crash. A paramedic also suffered injuries in the crash. Sometimes, knowing that an accident could have been avoided, if the driver-at-fault had exercised the proper amount of care, makes the pain it even more difficult to handle. Some loved ones left behind after a tragic car accident may receive some relief, if the guilty party is held accountable for their negligent actions.Negligence is a legal term describing any action drivers take during which they fail to exercise due care. This could mean speeding, distracted driving or driving without needed eyewear. In any case, the families of victims are often able to file wrongful death lawsuits, if another driver is suspected of negligence. Source: The Boston Globe, “Driver charged with negligent motor vehicle homicide for fatal Milford ambulance crash,” Evan Allen, Jan. 22, 2014