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Dorchester woman charged in drunk driving accident

Road accidents are, by no means, rare incidents, nor are their locations unique. Those involved in a road accident are as likely to be from Barnstable, Massachusetts as from any other town or state. But no matter who they are, what is left behind is the true tale of grief, both for the victim and the drunk or negligent driver. Even worse, if a car accident happens to be fatal, no matter who is killed, there are bereaved families who struggle with the loss of a loved one, and have to cope with this tragedy for a lifetime. Unintentionally and unexpectedly, such incidents impact a number of victims.A recent accident in Dorchester, Massachusetts has killed a seven-year-old girl, and injured her mother so severely that the woman has had to undergo several surgical procedures. The two of them were walking down a street when a drunk driver, who is also believed to have been speeding, hit them with her vehicle. The driver, also a Dorchester resident, has since been charged with a number of counts, including vehicular homicide. Hours after the accident, her blood alcohol level still exceeded the legally permissible limit by a significant margin. The driver, who did not plead guilty, is in custody and her bond is set at $150,000.The victim has now expressed her desire to seek an apology from the driver for her actions. While the legal system might be able to compensate her for her medical expenses, the emotional trauma is something the victim will have to deal with on her own. She can seek legal assistance in order to ensure that her medical expenses are adequately provided for. But like victims of most accidents, she is left wondering why such a thing had to happen to her. Source: The Boston Globe, “Alleged drunk driver arraigned in deadly crash“, John R. Ellement and Martin Finucane, April 8, 2014