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Massachusetts Move Over Law

What is the Massachusetts Move Over Law? Each year, first responders and tow truck drivers across the country are injured or killed on the job while providing roadside emergency services help to those in need. Dangerous habits like distracted driving, aggressive driving and operating under the influence of alcohol and cannabis products continue to exacerbate […]

Manslaughter charge stands for owner of pickup

As some Massachusetts residents may recall an accident in 2013 resulted in the death of a teenager after he changed lanes to avoid debris on Interstate 91 near Springfield. The debris was identified as furniture that had fallen off a pickup truck. A superior court judge ruled that a manslaughter charge against the man who owned the pickup should stand.

5 injured in 2-vehicle Massachusetts Turnpike crash

State troopers say that five people became injured in an accident involving two vehicles on the Massachusetts Turnpike. The crash happened shortly after 5 a.m. on April 26 in Charlton after a westbound Cadillac CTS ran into the back of a Jeep Grand Cherokee. Three of the Cadillac occupants were ejected. Suffering serious injuries, they were transported to a Worcester hospital via ambulance.

Briefly taking their eyes off of the road is risky to motorists

Massachusetts drivers may want to learn more about new research that indicates even a two-second glance away from the roadway could increase the risk of a crash. The study was released by the Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety in April to coincide with National Distracted Driving Awareness Month.

A look at options when another driver is at fault in a car crash

Massachusetts drivers may be interested in some information about their legal options when they are involved in a crash that is not their fault. Depending on the actions of their insurance companies, they may need to retain their own legal counsel in order to get compensation.

Driving tips for wet weather

With the arrival of spring in Massachusetts, drivers can expect plenty of wet weather. Wet road conditions can be hazardous, and in fact, wet weather causes over a million car crashes per year nationwide. However, there are a number of wet weather driving strategies that can help drivers avoid accidents and car damage.

Driver who struck pedestrian will not be charged

Massachusetts authorities have announced that they will not bring charges against the driver who hit and severely injured a 22-year-old woman in Northampton in December. However, the victim’s parents allege that her injuries were made worse by the driver’s failure to quickly stop her vehicle after the collision.

Higher alcohol taxes linked to fewer fatal car accidents

When a state raises the excise tax on alcohol, there may be a chance that fatal car accidents will go down. According to a new study, small tax hike of less than a penny per glass of beer or wine and less than a nickel per glass of liquor could reduce fatal alcohol-related motor vehicle crashes by over 25 percent. Accidents involving young people experienced an even greater decline, and accidents with drunk drivers went down by the same amount. These findings could have important implications for Massachusetts drivers and tax payers.

Reducing accidents caused by drowsy driving

Massachusetts residents who have been jarred awake by roadway rumble strips will likely appreciate how quickly fatigue can catch up with a driver. Data compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reveals that drowsy driving accidents often occur at highway speeds and involve vehicles with a single occupant. Many people believe that simple steps such as opening a window to get some fresh air can help to keep drivers awake, but studies have found that getting some sleep is the only reliable way to prevent a drowsy driving crash.

3 injured in fiery Massachusetts crash

On March 20, it was reported that three people, including a 16-year-old Massachusetts boy, were injured in car crash. According to the Massachusetts State Police, the crash was caused by a 56-year-old woman who crashed into another a Honda Civic on McGrath Highway while suffering from a medical emergency. Reports initially stated that the crash occurred at 7:15 a.m., but officials released information saying that the crash happed at 8 a.m.

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