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Motorcycle Insurance: Freedom Has a Price

Several years ago, I represented a biker in his early 30’s traveling down Main Street in Hyannis on a Busa, past the downtown area heading towards Cape Cod Hospital. Suddenly and without warning, a car pulled out of a parking space and attempted a U-turn in front of the man on the motorcycle. Fortunately, there […]

Higher alcohol taxes linked to fewer fatal car accidents

When a state raises the excise tax on alcohol, there may be a chance that fatal car accidents will go down. According to a new study, small tax hike of less than a penny per glass of beer or wine and less than a nickel per glass of liquor could reduce fatal alcohol-related motor vehicle crashes by over 25 percent. Accidents involving young people experienced an even greater decline, and accidents with drunk drivers went down by the same amount. These findings could have important implications for Massachusetts drivers and tax payers.

Massachusetts car-motorcycle crash kills father and daughter

A 62-year-old Holyoke man and his 29-year-old daughter from Brooklyn, New York, died in Easthampton when the motorcycle on which they were riding was hit head-on by an SUV driven by a 45-year-old Springfield man, according to police. The car accident occurred slightly after 3 p.m. on Aug. 25 when the southbound car crossed into the oncoming lane of Route 5.

Driver of SUV charged for fatal motorcycle crash

A 45-year-old man who was accused of causing a fatal accident in Massachusetts was taken into police custody, and he was charged with two counts of homicide on Aug. 28. According to the press release, the incident took place on Route 5 in Easthampton.

Fatal Massachusetts crash leads to sentence

On July 15, a woman was sentenced in relation to a fatal crash that occurred in Randolph on Sept. 10, 2011. The fatal accident took place when convicted woman was driving an SUV and trying to merge onto Route 24 when she crashed into a vehicle that was traveling south. The second vehicle began to spin because of the impact and rolled over several times.

2 men arraigned for death of teen

Two men are facing charges of involuntary manslaughter for the 2013 death of a Massachusetts teenager. They were arraigned for their role in the fatal accident on July 9, and both men pleaded not guilty to the charges against them.

2 pedestrians killed in Massachusetts accident

Two pedestrians were killed as a result of a two-vehicle Massachusetts collision on June 21. The fatal accident occurred when one of the vehicles ran a red light and struck another car, causing the second vehicle to strike the pedestrians. Two people faced charges for their roles in the accident.

Commercial landscaping vehicle causes fatal accident

Walking is an activity that cannot be avoided. Health conscious people in Massachusetts prefer to walk every day, while some others may prefer to walk short distances to avoid congested roads and parking woes. However, safety of people walking on roads is one of the main concerns in the state.

Father of three killed in Brockton drunken-driving accident

Driving is a privilege with responsibilities that include controlling a vehicle at all times and being mindful of the safety of others on the road. For this reason, impaired and inattentive driving are prohibited by law and common sense. Alcohol and other controlled substances should never be used by anyone operating a vehicle because they can affect judgment, focus and reaction time.

Elderly woman killed in Massachusetts pedestrian accident

Many Massachusetts residents know walking is often both a good form of exercise and a great way to travel short distances whether to school, work or shopping. Walking anywhere near traffic, however, can mean a pedestrian accident in a split second with the possibility of death, injury, medical expenses and related financial losses.

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