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Are children in Massachusetts safe from sexual abuse?

It is natural for parents to assume that the people to whom they entrust their children, in schools and public institutions, do not pose a threat to their young ones. The notion that children, whether in Barnstable, Massachusetts or elsewhere, could be subject to physical or sexual abuse at the hands of a teacher or mentor is horrifying. Such incidents can cause emotional trauma to both children and parents, with the latter left wondering whom to trust. Sadly, since children are more easily frightened, many cases involving sexual abuse of minors do not get reported.

Man charged with sexual assault is brother of Somerville mayor

In most communities, whether in Barnstable, Massachusetts or elsewhere, an attempt to violate another person sexually is seen as a shocking offense. This perception has as much to do with a personal sense of propriety and decency as with being outraged at the vulgarity of the incident. In the eyes of the law, such nonconsensual acts are crimes whose punishment can involve a significant prison sentence. Victims of sexual assault can also find sanctuary under the law, with assistance available in many forms, such as a Special Victims Unit, to help them overcome the emotional trauma of the abuse they have suffered.

Boston police increase patrols after early morning sexual assault

Massachusetts residents understand that sexual abuse or assault can leave long-term and often indelible impacts on victims. Tremendous emotional trauma can affect someone’s ability to form trusting relationships and even lead to suicide in some cases. The impact is more devastating if the victim of the sexual assault is a minor.

School employee charged with sexually assaulting boy, 15

Sexual abuse is a serious topic that is difficult to think about. This is especially true when the victim of sexual abuse is a minor. However, it is important that these issues come to light, not only to aid in the victim’s recovery process but also to prevent further instances of abuse.

Massachusetts man found guilty of sexual abuse

Sexual assault on any person is never excusable. The crime of sexual abuse, in Massachusetts or anywhere, can be particularly horrendous when a child is the victim. The child, as well as the family, is usually left traumatized and seeking justice. A 49-year-old man that was accused of sexually assaulting a child back in the 1990s has now been found guilty.