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Archives for: February 19th, 2015

Dangers of drunk driving in Massachusetts

Every year, numerous drunk driving accidents happen in Massachusetts, too often resulting in serious personal injuries or deaths of innocent people. Drunk drivers risk not only their own personal safety, but that of all others on the road around them. Despite these risks and despite tightening laws, people continue to drink and drive.

Social costs of alcohol-related car accidents equal $1 per drink

Despite years of nation-wide enforcement against drinking and driving, car accidents and injuries caused by impaired driving remain a substantial burden on society. Massachusetts, like the rest of the country, shares in the social costs that result when drunk drivers cause car collisions and serious injuries.

Cost of car crashes are problematic

Motor vehicle accidents continue to be a problem in both Massachusetts and the U.S. at large. Each year, tens of thousands of people are injured or killed on the nation’s roadways due to negligent, reckless and careless driving. Drunk driving accidents continue to occur despite increased enforcement and stricter laws.

Passenger seriously injured in drunk driving accident

All drivers in Barnstable must adhere to the rules of the road regardless of what they do for a living. Those in positions of power such as police officers and politicians are not immune to the ramifications if they are involved in a car accident after having had too much to drink. When a drunk driving accident happens, the driver could cause serious injury to other drivers, pedestrians and passengers.