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Archives for: March 9th, 2015

Distracted driving and injury statistics in Massachusetts

A driver is considered to be distracted when he or she is doing anything that could take their attention off of the road. For example, when a driver sends a text message while on the road, he or she may increase the odds of a harmful car accident. Each day in the United States, 1,153 people are injured in distracted driving accidents.

Dangers of drunk driving in Massachusetts

Every year, numerous drunk driving accidents happen in Massachusetts, too often resulting in serious personal injuries or deaths of innocent people. Drunk drivers risk not only their own personal safety, but that of all others on the road around them. Despite these risks and despite tightening laws, people continue to drink and drive.

Social costs of alcohol-related car accidents equal $1 per drink

Despite years of nation-wide enforcement against drinking and driving, car accidents and injuries caused by impaired driving remain a substantial burden on society. Massachusetts, like the rest of the country, shares in the social costs that result when drunk drivers cause car collisions and serious injuries.

Massachusetts rollover crash injures 4

A serious traffic accident in Canton on Dec. 4 left four people with injuries. Authorities reported that the incident involved two vehicles and took place in the northbound lanes of Route 95 near exit 11.

3 injured after car crashes into Massachusetts diner

On Oct. 30, a Northfield woman drove a car into a Deerfield restaurant, reportedly. The incident transpired at approximately 6 a.m. and injured three people besides the car’s driver, according to Deerfield police.

Woman dies following alleged drunk-driving collision

Brockton police reported that a 26-year-old woman whose car was allegedly struck by a drunk driver on Oct. 22 succumbed to her injuries on Oct. 24 around 11:00 a.m. The accident happened at night on East Ashland Street.

Massachusetts accident results in DUI arraignment

A 53-year-old man was arraigned July 25 in connection with an alleged drunk-driving accident in November. The man is facing charges of motor vehicle homicide while operating under the influence and manslaughter by motor vehicle.

Passenger seriously injured in drunk driving accident

All drivers in Barnstable must adhere to the rules of the road regardless of what they do for a living. Those in positions of power such as police officers and politicians are not immune to the ramifications if they are involved in a car accident after having had too much to drink. When a drunk driving accident happens, the driver could cause serious injury to other drivers, pedestrians and passengers.

Dorchester woman charged in drunk driving accident

Road accidents are, by no means, rare incidents, nor are their locations unique. Those involved in a road accident are as likely to be from Barnstable, Massachusetts as from any other town or state. But no matter who they are, what is left behind is the true tale of grief, both for the victim and the drunk or negligent driver. Even worse, if a car accident happens to be fatal, no matter who is killed, there are bereaved families who struggle with the loss of a loved one, and have to cope with this tragedy for a lifetime. Unintentionally and unexpectedly, such incidents impact a number of victims.