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Archives for: February 12th, 2015

Motorcycle accidents in Massachusetts

Riding motorcycles has increased in popularity, with an increasing number of riders on the roads in Massachusetts. As the number of those enjoying the activity has increased, so have the number of accidents. Unfortunately, motorcyclists are at an increased risk of suffering personal injury or death due to their relative lack of protection and the larger size of other vehicles.

Vehicle to vehicle communication and accident prevention

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently announced plans for enabling vehicle-to-vehicle or V2V communication systems. Many Massachusetts drivers are interested in finding out what sort of impact this technology will have on reducing motorcycle crashes on the state’s busy roads and highways.

Motorcycle collision injures law enforcement officer

In Barnstable, motorcyclists and conventional motor vehicles must share the road. For the most part, they do so safely. There are, however, instances when motorcycle accidents happen. Sometimes they’re unavoidable due to circumstance. In others, they happen because of negligence. A motorcycle rider is vulnerable and unprotected when riding, so there is the possibility of a head injury, broken bones and numerous other harmful results from a motorcycle crash.

Motorcycle accident leaves rider with serious injuries

As temperatures rise around Massachusetts, many residents are pulling their motorcycles out of winter storage and hitting the road to enjoy the arrival of spring. Unfortunately, the increased ridership around the state could mean a rise in accidents involving riders, which can often lead to unfortunate results. Such was the case in one very recent incident involving a motorcycle and vehicle collision.