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Archives for: February 19th, 2015

Dangers of drunk driving in Massachusetts

Every year, numerous drunk driving accidents happen in Massachusetts, too often resulting in serious personal injuries or deaths of innocent people. Drunk drivers risk not only their own personal safety, but that of all others on the road around them. Despite these risks and despite tightening laws, people continue to drink and drive.

The most common reported symptoms associated with whiplash

A car accident can happen in a matter of seconds on Massachusetts roadways, and a driver may not have enough time to shield their face and head before the impact. Each day, people who are involved in accidents sustain injuries, regardless of how fast a vehicle was traveling at the time of the collision. If an individual begins to have headaches, difficulty balancing when walking or standing, severe pain in the neck or back areas or dizziness, they may have received a whiplash injury.

Social costs of alcohol-related car accidents equal $1 per drink

Despite years of nation-wide enforcement against drinking and driving, car accidents and injuries caused by impaired driving remain a substantial burden on society. Massachusetts, like the rest of the country, shares in the social costs that result when drunk drivers cause car collisions and serious injuries.

Three people hurt in Dorchester car accident

Despite all the efforts at driver education, every major town or city, including Barnstable, Massachusetts, can claim to be the site of a number of vehicular accidents every day. Each accident leaves behind a story of damage and destruction, either to lives or property or both. But what is sometimes forgotten is the pain and suffering of not just the victims, but also their near and dear ones. None of these consequences, however, seem to be a sufficiently strong word of caution for many drivers, since accidents still occur for a number of reasons.

Rear-end car collision injures Hyannis woman on Route 28

Most Massachusetts drivers understand that they are responsible for ensuring their own and other drivers’ safety whenever they are operating a motor vehicle. Most also understand that avoiding distractions while driving is a critical part of that responsibility because even a momentary lapse of concentration can have devastating consequences for anyone involved in an auto accident.

Interstate accident results in damage to 4 vehicles

A four-car collision on Interstate 93 in Boston demonstrates why drivers need to pay greater attention to what is occurring on the roads. Initially, troopers were at the scene to assist a disabled vehicle in the right traffic lane. While one of the troopers was setting up flares, a 2002 Subaru Forester then crashed into the vacant State Police cruiser.