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Archives for: December 9th, 2014

Motorcycle accident facts: Massachusetts and nationwide

In 2012, almost 5,000 motorcyclists were killed in traffic accidents nationwide, and 90,000 more were injured. The total number of fatalities reflects a 7 percent increase over the total motorcycle fatalities in 2011. A total of 333 vehicle fatalities occurred in Massachusetts in 2012; 47 of them were motorcycle fatalities. Motorcycle drivers and passengers are about 26 percent more likely to die in a crash compared to other types of vehicles.

Man accused of causing serious accident to go to trial

A 19-year-old man from Massachusetts has chosen to go to trial to face charges stemming from an accident on Sept. 6, 2013, that left four people wounded and two people with life-changing injuries. Although he had originally planned to plead to sufficient facts to warrant a guilty finding, a plea similar but not identical to a guilty plea, the man apparently changed his mind after a hearing on Nov. 14.

How a minor car accident can change your life

Even in the most minor of car accidents — where the victims don’t really feel much other than a slight daze and a wave of frustration — the people who are involved can suffer debilitating pain that changes their lives for many months or years. For example, say you get into a car accident that jars your head a bit. Your head doesn’t hit anything, but the collision really torques your neck and head.