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Woman sues Harvard for ignoring sexual harassment

A female graduate of Harvard has filed a lawsuit against the school in a Massachusetts federal court. She and her attorney maintain that college officials took no actions to protect her after repeated reports of sexual harassment from her ex-boyfriend and fellow undergraduate who is referred to as John Doe 1 in court papers. The plaintiff described her one-year relationship with John Doe as abusive. She alleged that he became violent if she did not agree to sex. During 2013, she made complaints to the Office of Sexual Assault Prevention & Response. After ending their relationship in March 2014, he retaliated. According to court papers, he intimidated her within the dorm where they both lived and at a cafe where they both worked. When she told the residence dean about the abuse, the official informed her that John Doe would not be removed from the dorm. According to a statement from Harvard, the university’s Title IX coordinators have authority to protect people complaining about sexual harassment. This could include changing housing arrangements. The plaintiff gained no relief from threats until she filed a report with Harvard police and obtained a restraining order. Her legal action follows a string of other lawsuits against the institution claiming that campus officials routinely ignored complaints of sexual violence.Because some members of society continue to disregard allegations of sexual harassment, a sexual abuse victim may want to seek legal support. An attorney could prepare a civil lawsuit, especially if the abuse took place at a workplace or other institutional setting that failed in its duty to maintain a safe environment. Damages sought by a lawsuit could include losses attributed to emotional and physical trauma. Source: Huffington Post, “Harvard Forced Sexual Assault Victim To Live By Abuser, Lawsuit Claims“, Tyler Kingkade, Feb. 17, 2016

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