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The effects of sexual abuse on adults

Many people in Massachusetts have been victims of sexual abuse as children and teenagers. The effects of abuse can be devastating and can follow a person into adulthood. As a result, an individual may have difficulties with functioning in several areas, including professionally and within relationships with others.According to well-accepted research, adults who have suffered sexual abuse may develop symptoms later in life such as difficulty focusing and paying attention, flashbacks of the abuse, and difficulty in romantic or sexual relationships. Some individuals report suffering from mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. While it is not possible to “make up” for what happened to a sexual abuse victim, many victims can and do benefit from therapy and other forms of treatment, when they can afford it. In some cases, a victim may also wish to seek compensation from a perpetrator as a way to address the negative impact the abuse had on the victim’s life. Victims of sexual assault may want to meet with an attorney to determine what remedies they may have. The attorney may be able to address issues such as whether the statute of limitations is in effect as well as seeking out orders of protection in case a victim continues to fear contact with the perpetrator. In situations where an adult’s memories of the event may have been repressed, an attorney may also be able to assist in receiving an extension of the statute of limitations. The attorney may also be able to review medical and psychological records to assist in determining the impact the abuse had on the victim’s life. Based on this review, the attorney may be able to make recommendations regarding litigation against the abuser so that the victim can seek appropriate compensation.

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