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Standards for dealing with sexual assault on a college campus

As students return to their studies at Boston University in Massachusetts, they can expect to face a variety of situations and challenges. One of the most important issues can be campus safety. Students living on campus or attending evening classes can be particularly at risk for dealing with sexual misconduct or assault, making it important to understand the university’s approach to preventing incidents. Further, knowing how to obtain counseling and support is important for any students who are sexually assaulted on university grounds. Boston University makes it a point to include education about the issue of sexual assault and misconduct during student orientation. This provides incoming students with the opportunity to ask questions and to become aware of how to minimize their risks. Additionally, this provides an understanding of their responsibility to the community as they interact. Officials and student leaders on campus are also provided with bystander intervention training, which may allow situations to be stopped before sexual assault can occur. The campus provides support through counseling and legal assistance with restraining orders for those who have been affected by sexual misconduct. Alcohol can play a role in sexual assault in the university environment. Campus policies related to the use of alcohol on campus may help in controlling risks related to sexual misconduct. Further, many universities provide safety programs such as self-defense classes, ride services and emergency phones within easy access throughout the grounds. These efforts not only assist in protecting students and staff but also minimize liabilities for the institution if an assault occurs. A student who has been subject to sexual misconduct while on university grounds may be reluctant to come forward because of embarrassment, threats, or other circumstances. However, legal representation may be helpful, especially if a situation involves an assailant who is a prominent student or staff member.

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