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Sexual abuse: a serious crime

Safety is a prime concern for most individuals and homes are considered to be the safest of all places. Schools and places of worship are also believed to be safe. However, there have been many instances where these safe havens turn out to be places of abuse. It is unfortunate, but reports of sexual abuse by family members, priests and teachers are heard nearly every day.In most cases, it is not easy for the victim to disclose the incident to anyone since they still may be in shock or live in fear of their attacker. Some people may also feel anger or shame about the incident so it may not be easy for them to ask for support. However, it is very important that any victim seeks support and report the incident to someone they trust. Recently, an ex-student of a local Massachusetts High School has alleged that he was abused by a teacher and has filed a lawsuit against her. The court documents state the name of the plaintiff as John Doe.According to sources, the victim of sexual abuse suffered from a condition which made it difficult for him to walk. The plaintiff alleges that the teacher provided drugs and in return took sexual favors from him. The victim is now 23 years old and the teacher no longer works at the school. The lawsuit also names the school committee and former principal as defendants.The effects of sexual abuse can last for a long time, even after the abuser is no longer in contact with the victim. Abuse can affect a person’s ability to develop trusting relationships, affect the person’s emotional development and also make the victim suicidal. In such cases, it’s important for the person to realize that abuse can happen to any person and that reporting such incidents and taking action against the abuser is the right thing to do.It is vitally important that victims of sexual abuse take action against their abusers and at least file a restraining order against them. They may also choose to seek professional legal help in order to investigate the case and understand their legal rights. An attorney may also be able to help the victim seek damages from the wrongdoer in order to move ahead in life. Source: Boston Herald, “Ex-Westwood High student alleges abuse by teacher,” May 7, 2014