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Police suspect hospitalized woman was victim of sexual assault

Sexual assault against or sexual abuse of a person who has not given consent are considered serious crimes all across the country, including in Massachusetts. In many cases, victims may also be able to seek civil remedies in addition to any criminal proceedings.Recently, when a midnight passerby saw a 31-year-old woman lying on the ground on a Brookline residential street, firefighters in a nearby station were quickly notified, and the woman was transported to nearby Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center for evaluation and treatment of her injuries. According to Brookline police, the woman was probably the victim of a sexual assault. The woman apparently had been at a bar in nearby Washington Square earlier that night and then was seen just down the block shortly before she was found on the ground. Witnesses say she had been with a man approximately 30 years old who was further described as six feet tall with blue eyes, light brown hair and a beard. He was reportedly wearing a brown down jacket. Police have asked any witnesses with relevant information to contact them as soon as possible.The statute of limitations for sexual assault by an adult in Massachusetts is three years. For minors, the period extends until they reach age 21. If a sexual abuse or assault case involves recovery of repressed memories, then the statute can be extended longer. With the help of a sexual abuse civil lawsuit, a victim of sexual assault or abuse can expect to see an offender criminally punished.Any victim of sexual abuse or sexual assault in the state may want to work an attorney and coordinate with law enforcement personnel to get a restraining order against an offending individual and consider civil action against the person. A victim also can authorize an attorney to conduct an investigation on his or her behalf to uncover facts related to a case and protect the victim’s rights. Source: CBS Boston, “Brookline Police Investigate Possible Sex Assault,” March 10, 2014