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Most sexual assaults at schools are going unreported

According to a recent report, officials at colleges in Massachusetts are not being informed of sexual assaults taking place on their campuses. The state legislature is considering a law that would require local police departments to work in cooperation with universities and colleges to make it easier for the victim of sexual assault to file report of the incident.The proposed legislation would require training for school faculty members, staff and students on the subject of sexual assault and sexual abuse. Colleges would have to create policies for dealing with sexual violence. Educating people about the emotional trauma and other effects of sexual abuse is just part of the focus of the law. It would also make it easier for a victim of sexual abuse or sexual assault to report an incident by forcing schools to create a campus safety officer position.Victims of sexual assault may have civil remedies under currently existing laws. An individual suffering from emotional trauma or physical harm at the hands of another may have the right to file a sexual abuseВ В В В  civil lawsuit to recover damages. The proposed legislation could create a situation where a school that does not comply with its requirements might be subject to a civil action by a sexual assault victim.Sexual assault on college campuses is just one small aspect of a larger problem. Sexual abuse of minors and other sexual abuse victims are issues that the new law will not address. A personal injury attorney with knowledge of the state laws and remedies available to sexual assault victims might be able to offer options for victimsSource: WWLP, “Bill aims to make it easier to report campus sexual assaults,” Matt Caron, June 4, 2015