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Sexual Abuse and Sexual Harassment

Sexual Abuse and Sexual Harassment:

Every 98 Seconds an American is Sexually Assaulted*

Sexual abuse and sexual harassment can happen anywhere, any time. Whether in the home or in the workplace, sexual abuse and sexual harassment can occur when you least expect it. If you believe that you have been sexually harassed at work, you are not alone. It is estimated that one in three women have been the victim of unwanted sexual advances while less than a third of the women report the harassment. Some women aren’t aware that the behavior is harassment, while others just don’t want to deal with the repercussions of reporting the abuse.

Victim of Sexual Abuse and Sexual Harassment

Sexual abuse, especially the sexual abuse of children is also common, but tends to go unreported. Even when a child is able to come forward and make allegations, the interview process does not always lead to charges being filed. Children are not always credible witnesses, and it takes substantial evidence to make charges against a sexual predator stick.

Legal representation at the beginning of any sexual abuse or sexual harassment case is generally vital to the success of the case overall. It can be very difficult to prove that harassment or sexual abuse has occurred. Even in the case of rape, it can be hard to prove that the sex was not consensual. While you may have gone to the hospital to have a rape kit done, proving that the encounter was an assault will take some legal finesse.

People who have been sexually abused or harassed have a hard time coming forward with allegations. It can be embarrassing to admit being the victim of sexual assault, and many people are afraid of further abuse if they make allegations. In addition, perpetrators of abuse often go free, making it even more difficult for people to come forward.

Sexual harassment and abuse is real and mostly affects women. The way women are treated when they come forward has a big impact on other victims. When a woman comes forth with allegations, she is often seen in a negative light. No matter what harassment or abuse she has endured, her reputation can be tarnished forever. While the number of cases of sexual harassment and sexual abuse have been declining in recent years, this is still a big problem for women in the workplace and both women and children at home.

To get a sexual harassment or sexual abuse case to stick, you have to have facts. Children will go through a lengthy interview process that may include several similar interviews to ensure their story stays the same. Adults may have to talk about intimate details of an encounter in open court, an issue that causes many women not to report the abuse in the first place.

If you live in Hyannis, Massachusetts or anywhere in the surrounding Cape Cod area and you have been sexually harassed or abused, it’s time to get the help you deserve.

The Hyannis Independence House is an excellent resource for women and children who have experienced sexual assault or abuse and are trying to find support and shelter away from their abuser. They provide information for the local area and can help support you and your family in a confidential and safe manner. The WE CAN organization is another tremendous source to provide additional support to Cape Cod women experiencing life-changing situations such as sexual abuse and sexual harassment whether it’s in the home or at work.

Children’s Cove offers services for children who are the victim of sexual assault and other abuse by facilitating the services children and families need all in one place. The goal of the agency is to investigate and prosecute abusers to bring the abusers to justice.

*RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network)


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PLEASE, break the silence. A free consultation with our office by phone or in person is a starting point. All conversations and information fall under the client/attorney confidentiality policy. The sooner you seek legal representation for a sexual abuse or sexual harassment case the more likely the case will succeed.


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