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Advocating for Massachusetts sexual abuse victims

Many Massachusetts families are among those affected by sexual abuse, including abuse at the hands of people who are part of institutions such as schools, churches or medical organizations. If you are the victim of sexual abuse or the loved one of someone who was abused, you have likely experienced profound effects as a result of those experiences. You may want to pursue your abuser in court to ensure that they are held accountable for their actions. People who have suffered sexual abuse at the hands of someone they trusted often remain silent for months or years about their ordeals. Many of our clients’ cases approach the statute of limitations, but courts may grant extensions for people who have repressed memories. However, even when a court grants an extension, a timely response is necessary. Our firm works with a variety of professionals and with law enforcement agencies to determine the facts of your case and the extent of the damages you incurred due to the abuse. Our team of compassionate attorneys believes that victims of sexual abuse should be able to speak up about their abuse without fear. We advocate for your interests at every step of the way, from filing for restraining orders in order to preserve your safety to working with prominent psychiatric and medical professionals who will undermine your abuser’s defense and provide testimony in support of your claim. One of the most difficult aspects of healing from abuse is coming forward. Our experience in handling a variety of sexual abuse cases has given us the ability to serve as your passionate and dedicated advocates. Our page on sexual abuse civil lawsuits has more information about the services we provide to victims.