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Summer dangers parents should know about

With warmer weather comes more chances to get outside. But these outdoor activities can present dangers to children if parents are not careful.

Summer is a great time of the year because warm weather brings more chances to do more outdoor activities. But these activities can come with the risk of injury as well. Some may even come with the risk of death. But knowing about these dangers now could help you prevent a serious accident from occurring later on and may even save a life too.


When most people think about the dangers of swimming, they often think about accidental drowning. This can happen because a child does not know how to swim, he or she becomes incapacitated, or there are malfunctioning or missing drain covers.

Though you may not realize it, pool dangers also include slips and falls. In-ground pools that are surrounded by concrete or hard surfaces are particularly dangerous because they can lead to head injuries and/or broken bones. A child can also slip and fall into the pool and possibly suffer an injury this way as well.

It’s important to note though that a drowning can occur in just an inch of water, which is why it’s important to keep an eye on small children at all times.


Heat is another summer danger that can sometimes lead to tragedies, especially when it comes to vehicles and children. Far too often do we see reports on the news about a child who has been left in a hot car while their parent has been away.

Because the heat can lead to serious or even fatal injuries, parents are encouraged to never leave their children alone in a vehicle, especially on hot days. If you see a child alone in a vehicle on a hot day, you are encouraged to contact police or emergency services.

Bicycle Riding

Bike riding is perhaps one of the most enjoyed summer activities by children across the nation. Unfortunately, it is quite dangerous too. Everything from a simple abrasion to a serious head injury could occur while riding a bicycle. This is especially true if riders do not take the necessary precautions to stay safe.

Riders should always consider wearing a helmet before cycling. Countless studies have shown that bicyclists who wear helmets are less likely to suffer a serious or fatal head injury in an accident than those who are not wearing a helmet.

Bicyclists should also obey all traffic laws while staying alert to their surroundings. Just as drivers must watch for pedestrians and bicyclists, so too should riders when it comes to the things around them.


Even walking to and from a friend’s house can be dangerous. Though looking both ways before crossing the street can help avoid accidents, some children forget this important safety tip and may dart into streets. Children who do this run the risk of getting hit by a motor vehicle.

Even walking on a sidewalk is no guarantee of safety, especially if a homeowner backs their vehicle into the child because they did not see them.


Last, but certainly not least, are driving dangers. Motor vehicle accidents can vary in severity, meaning one crash may only include minor injuries while another could be fatal. Parents can reduce the risk of fatal injuries by practicing safe driving techniques and ensuring that all vehicle occupants are wearing seat belts.

With a number of teens across the state getting ready to get their licenses, it’s important for parents to stress the dangers of distracted driving and cellphone use while driving as well. Far too often do these reckless behaviors lead to crashes that can be easily prevented.

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