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Products Liability

More Compensation In Your Pocket
Some lawyers negotiate accident settlements and walk away with their fees, knowing that those clients will have to pay their doctor bills from the proceeds. At Aiken and Aiken P.C. Personal Injury Attorneys, we coordinate benefits and negotiate with providers to reduce medical expenses. Our goal is to have all medical costs paid at the conclusion of the case, so that every dollar of the insurance settlement goes to the client and family. We provide this service at no additional cost because we believe it is the right thing to do.

Products Liability

Many people do not realize how many products in the marketplace have the potential to cause injury. Some products are inherently dangerous, while others are defective in manufacture or design. If a defective product has caused an injury to you or a family member, you may have an actionable product liability claim. At the law firm of Aiken and Aiken P.C. Personal Injury Attorneys, our product liability attorneys have represented clients throughout Massachusetts who have been injured by defective consumer products, industrial products or other defective or dangerous products. To discuss your case with a skilled product liability attorney, contact our Southeastern Massachusetts law firm today. If a dangerous product was placed on the market without proper warning of the dangers, or if a defective product was placed on the market, the responsible parties should be held accountable. We work to hold negligent manufacturers, designers, engineers, distributors and other businesses or individuals accountable for their actions. We use our experience to represent clients in product liability claims involving a variety of defective products, including:

  • Consumer Appliances
  • Auto Defects
  • Drugs and Medicines (such as Vioxx or Baycol)
  • Concrete
  • Home Building Products
  • Home Maintenance Products

When a product is defective, it places the consumer in grave danger. For example, defective drugs can result in heart attack or death. Likewise, defective machinery or equipment can result in a fall which causes the victim to suffer a head or spine injury. Our firm represents clients who have suffered these injuries as well as other serious injuries, such as:

  • Paralysis (paraplegia or quadriplegia)
  • Back injuries
  • Broken bones

If we determine you have a viable product defect claim, our lawyers will fight for you, working to obtain compensation for your injuries. Product liability cases at our firm proceed on a contingency fee basis – you do not pay an attorney fee unless we recover compensation for your injury.

Contact a Massachusetts product liability attorney at our law firm for a free initial consultation. For your convenience, night and weekend office hours are available.