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Seeking compensation for slip-and-fall injuries

Every day, there is some level of risk that you may slip and fall and hurt yourself while going about your normal activities around Massachusetts, even if you are paying attention to your surroundings. This is because other people’s negligence can create unexpected or hidden hazards that you are unable to avoid, potentially leading you to suffer emotional, physical and financial damages. This is why it is important to seek compensation for your injuries. You could be involved in a slip-and-fall accident at a friend’s or relative’s home, a park, or a hotel or other commercial establishment. For example, this may happen if a store or restaurant manager or owner forgot to clean dropped food or spilled liquid from the floor. The floor could also be freshly mopped, but no warning sign was around to alert you that it would be slippery. Some other examples include a landlord failing to remove ice from a sidewalk, tripping hazards, and defective stairs, handrails or broken steps. Although you may be embarrassed that you slipped and fell or think that the accident is your fault, your injuries might be more serious than you believe. The injuries may involve broken bones, a fractured hip or an injured back or knee. This could mean that you take longer than anticipated to heal and end up with medical bills, a permanent disability and reduced income because you are unable to attend a normal work schedule. If you decide to seek compensation, a premises liability lawyer could help you keep track of the damages and gather evidence that demonstrates the manager or owner of the property was negligent and responsible for your injuries. Get more information about the benefits of seeking compensation by visiting our page about premises liability.

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