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Liability of airport owners and lessees

People that own commercial properties in Massachusetts can be found liable for accidents that occur on their premises. Commercial property owners may mitigate their risk of being sued by injured parties by purchasing premises liability insurance coverage. The owners, operators and lessees of airport spaces usually purchase this type of insurance coverage so that they are not found responsible for the tenant’s negligent actions. A party that rents an airport space may hold a lot of liability for accidents that occur at the facility. Some airport owners require lessees to sign contracts agreeing to accept all responsibility for accidents on the premises, not just accidents caused by the lessee’s negligent actions. However, most airport lease contracts will only require the lessee to provide insurance coverage for its own acts of negligence. An airport lessee may choose to purchase premises liability insurance coverage in addition to aircraft or hangar property insurance coverage. If someone is injured in the airport hangar, the lessee’s premises liability insurance policy could pay for the injured party’s medical expenses. When an airport lessee has no premises liability insurance coverage, an injured party may sue the airport lessee for compensation. When a person is injured on a commercial property like an airport, it can sometimes be confusing to determine who is liable for the accident. An attorney can often assist the victim by reviewing lease agreements and other documents in order to pinpoint the party or parties who should be held responsible for the dangerous property condition and thus named as defendants in a premises liability lawsuit.