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Giants fan to receive $15 million after attack at Dodgers Stadium

Massachusetts baseball fans who might have been following a case of rival team violence at Dodger Stadium would be interested in learning that the jury has found that the Dodgers are partly to blame for the victim’s injuries. The attack occurred on opening day in 2011 at a game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Francisco Giants. The two attackers were tried in criminal court and pleaded guilty. During their trial, information came out that there was no security present in the parking lot where the man was attacked and permanently injured. The victim and his family decided to sue the Dodgers and former owner Frank McCourt for failing to provide adequate security on their commercial property. The jurors chose to absolve Frank McCourt, but the Dodgers were found liable for the victim’s brain damage due to what was described as a broken security plan. The final settlement of $15 million is to cover lost earnings now and in the future, medical expenses and the pain and suffering of the victim. The victim has roughly $18 million in damages, but the jury felt that the Dodgers were not entirely responsible for the injuries. However, a civil lawsuit was not filed against the attackers, who would have shared the remainder of the responsibility. When businesses open their doors to the public, they are sending a message that their facilities are safe for use. In addition to preventing the danger of wet floors or inadequate lighting, retail stores and sports stadiums are also responsible for any parking lots that they own. Even in a situation where an individual caused someone else harm, the business may still be responsible if it failed to take adequate and reasonable measures to protect its patrons. Source: FOX News, “Dodgers found partly responsible for severe beating of San Francisco Giants fan“, July 09, 2014