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The causes of motorcycle accidents

With so many scenic roadways available for traveling in Massachusetts, some residents may prefer to ride motorcycles. However, motorcyclists face a large number of risks as they are exposed to dangers that are very different than those faced by motorists in other vehicles. Many motorcycle accidents are caused by drivers who fail to see the motorcycle and either make a turn in front of them or rear-end them. In fact, it is estimated that nearly two-thirds of accidents are caused by motorists who violate the motorcyclist’s right of way. If the motorcyclist is riding at fast speeds, their bike may become unstable. This can cause the bike to shake as a result of misalignment or other manufacturing problems. If this is found to be the case, the manufacturer of the bike could be found liable. There are other causes of motorcycle accidents than just other vehicles, however. For example, road hazards, such as pot holes and debris, can cause serious injuries or even death if a rider hits them. Further, if the motorcyclist is not fit enough or skilled enough to operate the bike over various roadways, they could cause an accident that results in injuries to themselves and others. In cases where a motorcycle accident is caused by a motorist, another motorcycle or a motorcycle manufacturing company, the injured rider may be eligible to file a personal injury lawsuit against the liable party. This type of lawsuit allows the injured person to seek compensation for the damages that were suffered. Depending upon the unique and specific circumstances of the case, the damages may include the person’s medical bills, income that the injured person was unable to make due to the injuries and pain and suffering. Source: Findlaw, “Motorcycle Accidents: Overview“, August 21, 2014 Source: Findlaw, “Motorcycle Accidents: Overview“, August 21, 2014