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Policeman dies from injuries after Plymouth motorcycle accident

For many people, motorcycles are a lot more than just a mode of transportation; they represent everything from freedom to rebellion to symbolic technical excellence. Thus, despite the many tragedies involving motorcycle accidents, there are still many people who are very interested in motorcycles. For police, the motorcycle represents a more flexible, if less safe, option than a patrol car. This applies in Massachusetts as well as in other states in the U.S.In a recent incident in Plymouth, Massachusetts, a Plymouth policeman was severely injured after crashing his motorcycle on a road that was already infamous for other fatal accidents. He died after being airlifted to a Boston hospital. A person near the scene of the accident reported hearing two consecutive crashes and later seeing the motorcycle down on a nearby sidewalk. In such no-fault accidents, as they are termed, there is still the possibility that there may have been negligence on the part of another driver, resulting in a distraction for the victim. However, despite the loss suffered by the victim’s family, compensation can only be sought from the victim’s own insurer. This may only cover medical costs and some death benefits, leaving the victim’s family possibly struggling to cover everything.Under Massachusetts law, no-fault motorcycle accidents are usually not covered by insurers, necessitating that the victim or his or her family seek legal advice and representation in order to obtain compensation. If it can be established that another driver might have been responsible in any way for the accident, a case may be made claiming wrongful death. This may require the assistance of an experienced legal professional in order to ensure that the compensation is fair and just. Such advice can also help guarantee that the victim is not automatically seen as being at-fault and thus denied compensation. Source:, “Plymouth motorcycle officer dies following crash“, April 1, 2014