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Motorcycles and safety on the road

As warmer weather comes to New England, motorcycles will once again be a common sight on Massachusetts roads. When riders are embarking on an adventure of a long-distance journey or just a Saturday afternoon around town, there are safety rules that should be adhered to. Wearing protective clothing is essential for a biker. Outfits made of leather provide a high level of protection from the elements as well as the pavement if a spill occurs. Full-face masks are another way of preventing head injury and keeping roadway grit and bugs away. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, there are standards that manufacturers of such helmets must follow. One deals with a rider’s peripheral vision. A rider’s field of vision should be at least 210 degrees to comply with those federal standards. Some bikers favor riding on streets rather than highways to avoid accidents. However, according to a 2007 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration study, 91 percent of accidents occur on non-highway streets and rural roads. In addition, many highways have lanes for high-occupancy vehicles that motorcycles can also use. Being seen by other motorists is a problem for motorcycle riders. Some bikers have propagated the myth that having a loud exhaust makes drivers of other vehicles aware that bikers are on the road. Despite the noise a motorcycle may make, it may not alert other drivers who keep their windows closed and play music as they travel.There are precautions a motorcyclist may take such as riding in the far left lane near the center line. This might allow other drivers to see the motorcycle is sharing the road with them. In addition, taking precautions when going into a curve helps.Motorcycle crashes can cause serious injuries to cyclists due in part to the lack of structural protection that other vehicles give their occupants. When the accident is caused by the negligence of another driver, legal counsel can often help the cyclist seek appropriate damages through a personal injury lawsuit.

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