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Motorcycle safety recall procedures

Motorcycle accidents in Massachusetts can be prevented when motorcycle manufacturers inform owners about safety recalls. Whether a safety recall is issued by the motorcycle manufacturer themselves or by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the vehicle manufacturer has a duty to report the recall and make efforts to notify the owners of the recalled motorcycles. When motorcycles are recalled, motorcycle manufacturers must issue a public report that explains the reasons for the recall, which motorcycles are affected by the recall and the remedy. The remedy for the recall is generally a repair offered at motorcycle dealerships, and the repair is always provided free of charge. In the announcement about the recall, motorcycle manufacturers must list any major events that resulted in the motorcycle recall. Motorcycle recalls are announced by the NHTSA and through direct customer notifications that are issued by motorcycle manufacturers. Motorcycle manufacturers contact customers using information from their own records and vehicle registration information that is on file with the Department of Motor Vehicles. If the recall has to do with faulty equipment, manufacturers must notify the companies that purchased the recalled equipment. The owner of a recalled motorcycle may contact the NHTSA to find out about a recall, and owners may schedule a repair at a dealership regardless of whether they have received notification from the motorcycle manufacturer. Some motorcycle accidents are caused by defects with the motorcycle or motorcycle equipment. When an investigation reveals that a manufacturing defect caused an accident, victims of the accident may be able to claim compensation from the motorcycle manufacturer. An attorney may be able to help a motorcycle accident victim to determine which parties are liable for their injuries and assist them with the process of filing the appropriate claims.