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Motorcycle accident leaves rider with serious injuries

As temperatures rise around Massachusetts, many residents are pulling their motorcycles out of winter storage and hitting the road to enjoy the arrival of spring. Unfortunately, the increased ridership around the state could mean a rise in accidents involving riders, which can often lead to unfortunate results. Such was the case in one very recent incident involving a motorcycle and vehicle collision.According to an initial report, the accident occurred in the early evening hours on a recent weekday. The motorcyclist was heading west on U.S. Highway 20 when it hit a sedan that had pulled out onto the road. The motorcycle ended up on its side near the car, which sustained substantial damage to the front driver’s side area, including the hood, fender and windshield. Police at the scene had to direct traffic around the accident for over two hours while investigators form an accident reconstruction team worked at the site. Both persons involved in the accident sustained injuries; it was noted that the rider was hurt seriously, while the sedan driver’s injuries were described as non-life threatening. Still, the driver did receive treatment at a nearby hospital.In motorcycle accidents like this, the police investigation can be an important piece of the puzzle when determining fault. By reviewing the scene and damage, authorities will develop a theory of events and may even assign blame by writing a ticket to one of the drivers or, depending on the severity of the injuries and the result of the investigation, seek criminal charges. For example, if someone were to pull out onto a highway without yielding to oncoming traffic and cause an accident, investigators may assign blame to that driver.Yet, when a motorcyclist is injured in an accident with a negligent driver, what the police decide to do with the negligent driver is often secondary to thoughts of recovery. Unfortunately, that recovery can come with physical, emotional and financial even difficulties. Thankfully, though, there are resources that can help with each of these, providing those facing a difficult recovery the support needed to overcome any catastrophic injuries and move on with their lives. Source:, “Motorcyclist hurt in crash on Route 20 in Sturbridge,” Steven H. Foskett Jr., May 7, 2014

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