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Motorcycle accident lawsuits in Massachusetts

Motorcyclists are not protected by seat belts or airbags and their machines have no crumple zones to absorb the energy of colliding vehicles. They often suffer catastrophic injuries after being struck by a car, truck or SUV, and studies show that a great many of these accidents are caused by distracted, reckless or impaired passenger vehicle drivers. One of the main challenges facing motorcycle riders who are struck by motor vehicles is the sometimes insidious nature of the injuries they suffer. If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, you will have likely suffered some sort of head, neck or back trauma. The full scope of this type of injury is not always apparent to doctors, and you may wish to consult with neurologists or orthopedic specialists before pursuing civil remedies to ensure that you ask for sufficient damages to cover your long-term medical care and physical therapy expenses. Establishing liability in motorcycle accident lawsuits involves showing that drivers of other vehicles acted negligently. The traffic cameras installed at most large intersections and along many busy stretches of road could provide footage showing that cars were speeding or their drivers turned without looking, and police reports or witness statements may also be used to demonstrate that motorists acted recklessly. Claims of your negligence are common in this kind of litigation, and you should expect your riding skills, choice of safety equipment and driving record to be closely scrutinized. The world looks very different from a motorcycle’s saddle, and personal injury attorneys who understand the hazards of traveling on poorly maintained roads in inclement weather surrounded by inattentive motorists may be better able to appreciate the challenges faced every day by riders. If you have suffered injuries while riding that were caused by the reckless actions of others, please visit our page for more information about your legal options.

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