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A pleasant day near Hyannis marred by fatal motorcycle crash

Its coastal towns, beaches and maritime history make Barnstable County a popular destination in Massachusetts for motorcycle enthusiasts. Motorcycles offer their riders and passengers an opportunity to experience the unobstructed sights and sounds not offered by other types of motor vehicles.But unlike cars and SUVs that afford drivers and passengers a measure of protection in the event of a mishap, riders and their passengers are at risk of serious and catastrophic injuries in the event of a motorcycle collision. A recent accident involving two motorcycles left a 48-year-old man dead and his 24-year-old daughter in critical condition with a head injury. According to police, the vehicle on which the deceased operator was riding was making a right turn followed by the second motorcycle. The first motorcyclist hit the curb, lost control of the vehicle and caused the crash of both motorcycles.The skill and focus required to safely operate a motorcycle do not allow for a wide margin of error before control of the vehicle can be lost. Other vehicles on the road can also contribute to the dangers to which motorcycle riders are exposed.A distracted driver or a failure to yield the right of way by a turning vehicle can prove deadly for a motorcycle accident victim. As illustrated by the recent Barnstable County motorcycle collision, making contact with a curb could be enough to set in motion a chain reaction ending in a fatal motorcycle crash.Compensation for the head injuries, back injuries and broken bones suffered in motorcycle accidents might be recoverable against a negligent driver. A Hyannis personal injury attorney might be a good source of legal advice and guidance if you are an injured motorcycle accident victim.Source: Cape Cod Times, “R.I. man dead after South Yarmouth motorcycle crash,” July 10, 2015