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3 injured after vehicle hits 2 motorcycle officers

A representative for the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority reported that two of the MBTA’s police officers were involved in an accident near Orient Heights on Sept. 5. One 37-year-old male officer suffered a broken leg that will need surgery, among other injuries. The second officer is a 29-year-old male who was released from the hospital several hours after the accident occurred. The East Boston wreck reportedly happened when the motorcycle officers traveled in the left lane while a female driver tried to make a left U-turn from the far right line. Her vehicle collided with the men when they passed her. No charges were filed as the investigation into this accident remained ongoing. One officer went to Massachusetts General Hospital, and the other went to Boston Medical Center. The woman was treated at the scene after suffering minor injuries, and her car took major damage to the left front side. Motorcyclists may be vulnerable during an accident involving a larger vehicle, and one could suffer from broken bones, head or back injuries, paralysis or whiplash after a crash. When an accident occurs due to the negligence of others, one could file a personal injury claim to recover damages related to an accident. This could help provide compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, property damages and lost wages. A driver in a case like this could be negligent if he or she failed to signal, was in the wrong lane or did not look for motorcycles and pedestrians. A driver may also be liable when distracted and texting or paying attention to something else while driving. Source: Boston, “Two MBTA Motorcycle Officers Hurt in Crash“, Sara Morrison, September 05, 2014

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