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Massachusetts man found guilty of sexual abuse

Sexual assault on any person is never excusable. The crime of sexual abuse, in Massachusetts or anywhere, can be particularly horrendous when a child is the victim. The child, as well as the family, is usually left traumatized and seeking justice. A 49-year-old man that was accused of sexually assaulting a child back in the 1990s has now been found guilty.

Settlement for victims of child sexual abuse in New England

Charities in Massachusetts and throughout the United States can help fill a needed void, especially in the care and service of children. However, charities in rare cases may sometimes serve as a cover for the heinous actions of child sexual abuse predators. When someone acts to corrupt the work and name of any charity, victims can often find some measure of justice for the physical and/or emotional damage that has been inflicted.

Man accused of child sexual abuse in Massachusetts, elsewhere

Child sexual abuse has a profound effect on those victims in Massachusetts who have ever had to go through such an awful ordeal. The scars that child sexual abuse leaves on victims are both seen and unseen; both physical and emotional. While criminal cases are often filed in such cases, sometimes an added measure of justice becomes appropriate. Some victims of sexual abuse decide to file civil lawsuits against the perpetrator who molested them or whatever agency may have employed that person, if it becomes clear that negligent hiring or supervising may have played a role.

Police: Former Arlington swim coach sexually abused minors

In a pending criminal case in Medford, a number of people who say they were sexually abused by a former Arlington swim coach may finally see justice served. The accused man, 63, worked as a swim coach for the Arlington Boys & Girls Club in the 1970s and 1980s. According to the allegations, he sexually abused three young boys and a high school sophomore.

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