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Sexual Abuse Claims

Sexual Abuse Claims: Unlike Other Personal Injury Attorney Paul Aiken says, “Sexual abuse claims are unlike any other personal injury claims.”  People who are victims of sexual abuse, obviously have difficulty dealing with this, easily, with strangers, with law enforcement, with attorneys with anyone. More often than not they’ve been dealing with these issues for […]

Proving Rape

Critical Element of Proving Rape A critical element of proving a rape charge is to show the sex was not consensual.   In all cases, there is a dispute as to whether the victim was saying yes or no.  However, the issue is even more complicated when the victim is impaired due to the use of […]

Sexual Abuse and Sexual Harassment

Sexual Abuse and Sexual Harassment: Every 98 Seconds an American is Sexually Assaulted* Sexual abuse and sexual harassment can happen anywhere, any time. Whether in the home or in the workplace, sexual abuse and sexual harassment can occur when you least expect it. If you believe that you have been sexually harassed at work, you […]


Can Digital Evidence Be Used in a Workplace Sexual Harassment Case? Workplace sexual harassment cases have historically come down to a “he said/ she said” scenario, with allegations and character judgements flying on both sides. It is especially difficult when it is the word of the employee versus that of the employer in a society […]

New bill aims to stop prep school sex abuse

Attending prep school is a step towards a brighter future for many students in Massachusetts. While prep school attendance is viewed as a springboard to possible future admission to Ivy League schools, the schools have a dark history of student sexual abuse by faculty members.

Woman sues Harvard for ignoring sexual harassment

A female graduate of Harvard has filed a lawsuit against the school in a Massachusetts federal court. She and her attorney maintain that college officials took no actions to protect her after repeated reports of sexual harassment from her ex-boyfriend and fellow undergraduate who is referred to as John Doe 1 in court papers.

The effects of sexual abuse on adults

Many people in Massachusetts have been victims of sexual abuse as children and teenagers. The effects of abuse can be devastating and can follow a person into adulthood. As a result, an individual may have difficulties with functioning in several areas, including professionally and within relationships with others.

State court upholds statute of limitations in abuse cases

On Dec. 9, the Supreme Judicial Court in Massachusetts upheld a 2014 law that gave child sexual abuse victims an additional 32 years to take legal action against their alleged abusers. In addition, the state’s highest court also found that cases that occurred before the new law took effect were also covered under the legislation. The ruling stemmed from a case involving a woman who had sued her uncle in 2012 claiming sexual abuse.

Standards for dealing with sexual assault on a college campus

As students return to their studies at Boston University in Massachusetts, they can expect to face a variety of situations and challenges. One of the most important issues can be campus safety. Students living on campus or attending evening classes can be particularly at risk for dealing with sexual misconduct or assault, making it important to understand the university’s approach to preventing incidents. Further, knowing how to obtain counseling and support is important for any students who are sexually assaulted on university grounds.