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Cyclist killed in Massachusetts crash

A 29-year-old cyclist in Medford died after he was involved in an accident with a motorcyclist on Sept. 5. The collision happened between Daly Road and Hastings Lane on the Mystic Valley Parkway around 7:40 p.m. Emergency responders found both men laid out on the pavement approximately 50 feet away from one another. One victim was unconscious and bleeding heavily from the head. That individual was brought to Massachusetts General Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

3 injured after vehicle hits 2 motorcycle officers

A representative for the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority reported that two of the MBTA’s police officers were involved in an accident near Orient Heights on Sept. 5. One 37-year-old male officer suffered a broken leg that will need surgery, among other injuries. The second officer is a 29-year-old male who was released from the hospital several hours after the accident occurred.

The causes of motorcycle accidents

With so many scenic roadways available for traveling in Massachusetts, some residents may prefer to ride motorcycles. However, motorcyclists face a large number of risks as they are exposed to dangers that are very different than those faced by motorists in other vehicles.

Man killed in motorcycle accident

A 36-year-old man in Massachusetts was killed after he was involved in a motorcycle accident that occurred on Aug. 3. The incident reportedly occurred around 1 a.m. on the westbound side of Route 44 in Carver. Investigators responding to the scene recovered pieces of a vehicle indicating a blue Hyundai was involved. The 29-year-old man allegedly responsible for causing the wreck turned himself into the local police around 4 p.m. that afternoon.

Massachusetts motorcyclist in fatal accident

A 27-year-old man died on June 11, two days before his birthday, after a vehicle hit his motorcycle. The man had just bought the motorcycle earlier in June, and his best friend was driving in a car behind him when he was hit.

Motorcycle collision injures law enforcement officer

In Barnstable, motorcyclists and conventional motor vehicles must share the road. For the most part, they do so safely. There are, however, instances when motorcycle accidents happen. Sometimes they’re unavoidable due to circumstance. In others, they happen because of negligence. A motorcycle rider is vulnerable and unprotected when riding, so there is the possibility of a head injury, broken bones and numerous other harmful results from a motorcycle crash.

Motorcycle accident leaves rider with serious injuries

As temperatures rise around Massachusetts, many residents are pulling their motorcycles out of winter storage and hitting the road to enjoy the arrival of spring. Unfortunately, the increased ridership around the state could mean a rise in accidents involving riders, which can often lead to unfortunate results. Such was the case in one very recent incident involving a motorcycle and vehicle collision.

Motorcyclist critically injured in highway collision with car

Motorcycle riders and passengers in Massachusetts and other states know that their vehicles offer significantly less physical protection than do passenger cars and trucks. However, the rules of the road are essentially the same, and all drivers are responsible for following safe driving practices and all relevant highway rules and regulations.

Policeman dies from injuries after Plymouth motorcycle accident

For many people, motorcycles are a lot more than just a mode of transportation; they represent everything from freedom to rebellion to symbolic technical excellence. Thus, despite the many tragedies involving motorcycle accidents, there are still many people who are very interested in motorcycles. For police, the motorcycle represents a more flexible, if less safe, option than a patrol car. This applies in Massachusetts as well as in other states in the U.S.

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