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What Motorcycle Riders Need to Know

Before Starting the Engine: The 3 Things Massachusetts Motorcycle Riders Need to Know Use a reputable, local insurance agent Purchase Medical Payment coverage Purchase Underinsurance coverage Click below to listen:   People who ride motorcycles in Massachusetts need to understand how important their choice is when they get on that motorcycle. Obviously when they get […]

Teach Your Teen Distracted Driving Dangers

Teen distracted driving has become the number one cause of car accidents due to the increased use of mobile devices and other technology across the United States, and Cape Cod is no exception. As parents in bustling Cape Cod towns like Barnstable, Hyannis, Falmouth or all the other hotspots along 6A to Provincetown, it is […]

Be Safe There’s a Pandemic on Cape Cod

Be Safe It’s Busy on Cape Cod As a world-wide tourist destination and an increasingly popular year-round venue, it’s safe to say that it’s always busy on Cape Cod.  And now with the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we’re seeing record level home sales and extended seasonal occupancy as students and people work remotely, many flocking to […]

4th of July Fireworks and Parades: Enjoy Safely

The 4th of July fireworks and parades are the official start of the Cape Cod summer. Towns throughout the Cape have spectacular light shows and crowd-pleasing activities that last all season long. Lobster rolls, clam bakes and clam boils, barbecues, biking, boating and bashes begin. People visit whether it’s for a week or the entire […]

Motorcycles: Freedom of the Open Road

Who can forget James Bond in Quantum of Solace, the film Faster, or Peter Fonda’s character of Wyatt in the 1969 iconic film, Easy Rider? Flying down the highway on the heels of a tailwind—you’re one with open road—equals a freedom of spirit and motion you just can’t get from a car. Riding a motorcycle […]

Motorcycle accident lawsuits in Massachusetts

Motorcyclists are not protected by seat belts or airbags and their machines have no crumple zones to absorb the energy of colliding vehicles. They often suffer catastrophic injuries after being struck by a car, truck or SUV, and studies show that a great many of these accidents are caused by distracted, reckless or impaired passenger vehicle drivers.

Motorcycle crashes increased in 2015

Motorcycle accidents are increasing in the United States, and after a number of recent crashes involving motorcycles in Massachusetts, it is clear that the Bay State is no exception. More than 5,000 people were killed on American roads as a result of motorcycles accidents in 2015–a spike of more than 10 percent from the year before.

Motorcycles and safety on the road

As warmer weather comes to New England, motorcycles will once again be a common sight on Massachusetts roads. When riders are embarking on an adventure of a long-distance journey or just a Saturday afternoon around town, there are safety rules that should be adhered to.

Legal ramifications of tire maintenance

Massachusetts contains some of the most varied and challenging road conditions on the eastern seaboard, especially during the winter. This tough automotive climate has the potential to cause undue wear on the tires of a vehicle. Ordinary wear and tear will also take their toll on the surface of the tire. As the surface degrades, the ability to handle the car safely falls away. Vehicle owners and operators are legally responsible for maintaining the quality of their tires.

Motorcycle accident facts

Motorcycle crashes in Massachusetts are some of the most deadly accidents that can occur on the roadways. Because a motorcycle does not protect its rider in the same way that a car protects its driver, a motorcyclist is much more vulnerable to sustaining serious injuries in a crash. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association, over 80 percent of motorcycle accidents result in the death of the motorcyclist.