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Three people hurt in Dorchester car accident

Despite all the efforts at driver education, every major town or city, including Barnstable, Massachusetts, can claim to be the site of a number of vehicular accidents every day. Each accident leaves behind a story of damage and destruction, either to lives or property or both. But what is sometimes forgotten is the pain and suffering of not just the victims, but also their near and dear ones. None of these consequences, however, seem to be a sufficiently strong word of caution for many drivers, since accidents still occur for a number of reasons.A recent auto accident in the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts injured three people and sent them to a local hospital in an unknown condition. The accident also caused extensive damage to two vehicles. Per a fire department official’s statement, the car collision involved a Honda SUV and a BMW sedan. Apparently the SUV also hit a utility pole before crashing into a building. It is not clear what caused the accident and no details are available about the drivers of the two cars. Although the two vehicles appear to have been totaled in the crash, fortunately no one lost their lives. Investigators will need to reconstruct the event to determine if either driver was responsible for the crash. Several victims may also seek compensation for their injuries and for the loss of their car. Assuming negligence can be determined, the errant driver may also be sued for property damage from the building owners.While the driver’s liability insurance policy may cover some financial aspects of the accident, the driver may still have to face legal consequences. In the unlikely event that no clear picture emerges from the investigation, victims may choose to seek legal counsel in order to determine a course of action. Irrespective of any compensation obtained, they may never fully recover everything that they lost. Source: Boston Globe, “3 injured in Dorchester car crash“, Jeremy C. Fox, April 20, 2014

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