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The dangers of road rage

Many drivers have been in the presence of road rage at some point as they travel the roads of Massachusetts. Although it is much more common for such incidents to end in nothing more serious than hurt feelings, there have been certain cases where physical harm resulted, both from traffic accidents and from interpersonal violence. Experts have speculated on the root causes of road rage and the proper procedure for dealing with a challenging situation in traffic. Authorities on the issue believe that the anonymity and personal distance inherent in cars allow people to become angrier than they might otherwise be, as they are isolated in their cars and left without the immediate social checks that come from close personal contact. Accidents may be more likely to occur because of the elevated tension around a road rage incident. Road rage is typically more common in congested areas and around more difficult traffic situations, often creating the potential for serious accidents to occur. Individuals who have been injured by the irresponsible action or malfeasance of another driver in Massachusetts may choose to file a personal injury civil suit against the responsible party and seek monetary redress for the harm that has been done. There is also the possibility of punitive action. If the plaintiff can show to the court that the other driver acted egregiously and caused the harm through manifest ill will, then the court may award a larger sum of money to them to strongly discourage the defendant from engaging in such behavior again. A lawyer may be able to assist the plaintiff as they attempt to demonstrate their case before the court.

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