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Teenagers often distracted while driving

According to a recent study, most Massachusetts teenagers may know that texting and driving might increase the risk of becoming involved in a car accident. However, they may not know that there are other activities that might cause them to become distracted. According to the results of the study, released on March 18, some teenagers may change their clothing, put on makeup or even do their homework while operating a vehicle. One report suggests that any activity that removes the driver’s focus from the road is dangerous and may be considered distracted driving. Approximately 27 percent of teenagers reported in the survey that they engaged in these activities. Because distracted driving awareness campaigns usually only focus on texting and driving, some teenagers may simply not be aware that other non-driving related activities are also risky. However, the lead author of the study noted that teenagers are becoming more aware through the texting and driving campaigns; in this study, they found that 40 percent of teenagers texted while driving. These numbers are lower than previous estimates studies. In an attempt to increase teenagers’ awareness of the dangers of multitasking on the road, the researchers attempted to have the participants write down numbers on a chalkboard while talking on the phone. It was hoped that these types of programs could alter teenagers’ behaviors so that they are less likely to drive while distracted. Even though there is a movement to reduce the number of teenagers driving while distracted, many individuals continue to be at risk of becoming involved in an auto accident caused by a distracted driver. If it can be determined that the driver who caused the crash was distracted, a personal injury attorney may assist the injured person with seeking compensation through a lawsuit.