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Rollover accidents in Massachusetts

Although rollover accidents account for only 3 percent of all serious accidents, they account for 30 percent of fatal crashes making them especially serious. People in Massachusetts may be surprised to learn that despite the inherent risks, the federal government has no performance standards in place to regulate manufacturers regarding rollover safety.Certain types of vehicles and situations increase the risk of having a rollover accident. Vehicles such as SUVs, trucks and vans are more likely to roll over in a collision than others due to their relatively higher centers of gravity. Additionally, many people have luggage racks on top of SUVs or cars, and overloading a vehicle on top of the roof can make it more unstable and at greater risk of rolling over in a collision. When people are in the market for a vehicle, choosing a newer model can be one step they can take to reduce the likelihood of injury in a rollover accident. Newer models often have better safety features, including more air bags and traction control systems, than do older ones. People should also make certain that their tires are in good condition and are wearing evenly. Since more rollovers occur on country roads or at higher rates of speed, people should make certain they always adhere to speed limits and wear safety belts while riding in cars.A rollover can be an especially serious type of car accident. If such an accident occurs due to a negligent driver, people who are seriously injured may wish to consider filing a personal injury lawsuit for the losses they suffered as a result. Negligent drivers may be held responsible for the damages sustained, including lost income, medical expenses, pain and suffering and other amounts. Source:, “Rollover 101“, November 18, 2014

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