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Passenger seriously injured in drunk driving accident

All drivers in Barnstable must adhere to the rules of the road regardless of what they do for a living. Those in positions of power such as police officers and politicians are not immune to the ramifications if they are involved in a car accident after having had too much to drink. When a drunk driving accident happens, the driver could cause serious injury to other drivers, pedestrians and passengers.A 14-year veteran state trooper was arrested on DWI charges after a crash that caused severe injuries to his passenger. The driver received treatment at the hospital and was released. He was arrested and charged with DWI and with having a firearm while intoxicated. The passenger is still in the hospital. The trooper was suspended from his job as the investigation into this incident commences. When there is a car accident with injuries, whether it’s due to a drunk driver or for any other reason, the person who was injured and his or her family need to know their rights. With injuries can come hefty medical expenses, missed time at work and the possibility that the injured person will suffer injuries that require long term rehabilitation and care. It can have a negative influence on the entire family for a long time. If a person is found to be 51 percent responsible for a car accident, they cannot collect compensation. If responsibility is deemed to be 50 percent or less, the injured person can receive compensation, but the amount will depend on how at fault they are for the incident.In this case, the passenger was riding in the vehicle with an alleged drunk driver. Regardless of the fact that the driver was a state trooper, the accident led to serious injury for the passenger. Insurance companies will try to prove that the injured party is responsible for the injuries to avoid paying. It is important for the injured party to have a comprehensive investigation into the accident to try and receive the maximum amount in a settlement or through litigation. An experienced lawyer can study the facts of the case and handle the process of a lawsuit to try and receive as much compensation as possible. Source: Boston Globe, “Trooper suspended after alleged drunk driving incident,” Catalina Gaitan, May 6, 2014