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Massachusetts police investigates four-vehicle accident

Traffic on Massachusetts roads has been steadily increasing — hence problems on the roads have been on the rise. One inattentive driver can cause an accident resulting in multiple injuries and fatalities. Although many drivers drive safely and follow all traffic rules, there are some who may be distracted and cause car accidents. Some drivers may be talking on the phone or texting and driving, while others may be drunk driving or may be under influence of drugs.Recently, four cars were involved in a motor vehicle accident near Exit 17 on Interstate 91 in Massachusetts. Several emergency crews reached the scene. According to a fire captain, the Jaws of Life was used to remove a person from a vehicle. However, the cause of the car accident is still under investigation. The Massachusetts police stated that the roadway was closed for some time and the traffic was redirected. However, all lanes were opened within a few hours. Four people were injured in this car accident and were transported to nearby hospitals. Reports state that they have suffered non-life threatening injuries. To claim compensation in an accident, the injured people will have to prove that they are 50 percent or less at fault. If the person is found to 51 percent or more at fault, the person will not be entitled to claim damages. Hence the victims may have to undertake extensive investigation to prove that they were not at fault in the accident.The victims may have to work with medical professionals, accident investigators and other professionals to claim damages. Also, understanding the insurance policy may help the victim claim compensation from the insurance company. Source: ABC 40, “Four Transported to Hospital After I-91N Crash in Holyoke,” May 22, 2014