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Massachusetts car accidents: Head-on collision leaves man dead

A tragic accident ensued last month, killing a 47-year-old man and injuring a woman. Authorities are still working to determine the cause of the accident. As more fatal car accidents occur on our roadways, Massachusetts officials are likely to conduct more comprehensive investigations, such as this one.The crash ensued when the male driver of a Buick was traveling in the eastbound direction on a main road. His vehicle suddenly ended up in a head-on collision with a Mercedes, operated by a female driver. The man was ultimately killed in this crash, and the woman suffered unspecified injuries and was transported to the hospital. An accident reconstruction team has become involved in this investigation. Officials have not yet determined which driver was responsible for the crash or what caused the crash. The police department also does not have any more information regarding this matter. Authorities have stated that it may take a while for the reconstruction team to complete their investigation.Car accidents can inflict physical and financial burdens to all parties involved and this is especially true for families who have lost their loved one in a car crash. The investigation into this incident continues and depending on the outcome, either party may pursue legal action and the driver who suffered injuries may have the right to file suit against the estate of the deceased to seek financial relief based upon evidence of negligence under our personal injury laws. The family of the deceased also may have the right to pursue a wrongful death claim against the other driver. The civil court system in Massachusetts typically adjudicates these types of claims and awards financial compensation if the injured party or deceased’s family is able to prove the injuries or death were caused by the negligent or reckless conduct of another party. Source: Norwell Mariner, No new clues into fatal Norwell crash, Scott MacKeen, Oct. 25, 2013