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Massachusetts car accidents: Car rear-ended by school bus

A school bus ride turned into a trip to the hospital after a crash on the way home. The collision resulted in multiple car accidents and several injuries. The Massachusetts school bus has been impounded pending an investigation after the bus rear-ended a vehicle at a red light. No citations have been issued at this time.The school bus driver was transporting students to their destination when the bus suddenly collided with a vehicle that was stopped at a traffic light. The driver alleged that the bus would not stop, even though the brakes were pushed. The collision resulted into a multiple vehicle accident when other vehicles ended up being struck in the incident. Five of the students that were on board were taken to an area hospital as a precaution and were released later on. A staff member from the school remained at the hospital with the children until their parents picked them up. The occupants in the other vehicles reported injuries, including neck pain. They were transported to area hospitals for treatment.Depending on the outcome of this investigation, the school bus driver and/or his employer may be held liable for the injuries suffered. The victims may experience pain and suffering and seek to recoup damages. Massachusetts victims who are injured in car accidents due to another persons’ negligence have the right to pursue personal injury litigation against the other party. In this case, the victims may elect to file personal injury lawsuits seeking reimbursement for financial losses sustained. Source: Malden Observer, Malden bus impounded after accident, Nathan Lamb Wicked, Sept. 20, 2013

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