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Massachusetts auto accidents: mother and daughter killed

A woman and her daughter have been killed in a crash. Drunk driving has been the cause of many auto accidents across the country and in Massachusetts. A police officer, who was involved in the crash, is facing charges of drunk driving.The accident reportedly occurred when the off-duty officer crashed into another vehicle. The occupants in the other vehicle were a mother and daughter. The officer has been charged with negligent driving and operating under the influence. He was also charged with possessing a firearm while under the influence. Authorities are still investigating the crash along with the accident reconstruction team. Members of the community are concerned that the tragic accident involving an officer was not publicly disclosed. The police department is looking into the matter and evaluating the methods for divulging information in a timely manner for accidents like these, especially when someone has been killed. The officer may face other charges at the conclusion of the investigation.Failure to exercise due care can often result in fatal auto accidents. In addition to the time in prison the officer may face if convicted of his charges, he may have other legal proceedings ahead of him in a Massachusetts courtroom. The family of the deceased women may elect to file wrongful death lawsuits against the officer for the role he played in the fatal car accident. If evidence deems the officer’s driving behavior to be negligent and a causal factor to the deaths, the court may award damages to the family and give them a sense of justice and closure. Source:, State trooper charged in double fatal crash suspended without pay indefinitely, Martin Finucane, John Ellement, Travis Anderson, Oct. 2, 2013