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Massachusetts auto accidents: Girlfriend intentionally hit?

A woman is recovering from injuries sustained after she was struck by a vehicle of her boyfriend’s estranged wife. Auto accidents in Massachusetts are usually frequent events that occur on the road, but this incident appears far from common. Reportedly, the estranged wife intentionally hit the girlfriend while she was on foot. The driver has been arrested and charged in this matter.Authorities were called out to the scene of a crash that occurred at some point on a recent evening. They indicate that the woman intentionally crashed into the girlfriend while she was on her way to her own vehicle. The now accused woman, said to be employed by an area school district as a teacher, took off from the scene of the accident. The girlfriend suffered injuries to her ankle and received treatment at an area hospital. The woman was apprehended by law enforcement and arrested on multiple charges. She was charged with intent to commit murder and aggravated assault. She was also charged with leaving the scene of personal injury and operating a vehicle to endanger, along with other charges related to this incident. Upon further investigation, it was apparently documented that she made statements prior to the incident that she hoped for the girlfriend’s demise.Individuals who are victims of auto accidents usually suffer from emotional trauma in addition to their physical injuries. When a victim is injured intentionally, the emotional trauma can be even more severe. The victim in this case retains the right to file a personal injury claim in Massachusetts against the woman for her injuries related to the incident. employed by the school district as a teacher. If a court ultimately determines that the woman’s acts were malicious, an award of punitive damages over and above any compensatory damages sustained may be considered. Source: Wicked Local Swampscott, Swampscott woman arraigned after alleged hit-and-run accident, Katrina Powell, Sept. 11, 2013

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