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Fatalities decrease but U.S. still needs improvement

Massachusetts residents may be interested to learn that for a period of 13 years, the rate of fatalities from car crashes steadily decreased in the U.S. However, when compared to 19 other developed countries, the U.S. still had a significantly higher rate of fatalities from motor vehicle accidents and a lower average reduction over the same period of time.According to the CDC Vital Signs report issued on July 7, the rate of fatalities from car accidents in the U.S. dropped by 31 percent per capita between 2000 and 2013. In 2013, that resulted in 32,000 fatalities, an average of 90 fatalities a day. Meanwhile, the average decrease of the rate for 19 other developed nations was 56 percent. Other concerning statistics analyzed in the report included the U.S. ranking first in crashes per 100,000 people and per 10,000 registered vehicles. The U.S. also came in third in the rankings for low front passenger seat belt use and second highest in fatalities with alcohol as a factor in the car accident. There has also been a jump of 7.7 percent in deaths from car accidents from 2014 to 2015. Researchers point towards the low use of seat belts, especially for children, driving while intoxicated and speeding as reasons why the U.S. rates for fatal car accidents are higher. Some of the recommendations for working towards safer roads include having sobriety checkpoints, the use of devices that measure blood alcohol level for previous offenders, lowering the blood alcohol level limits, driving without distractions and making sure everyone uses a seat belt for every trip. The report predicts that 3,000 lives can be saved if everyone uses a seat belt.The surviving families of victims of fatal crashes might choose to file wrongful death claims against the liable drivers. They might seek the guidance a personal injury lawyer may offer about the types of claims they can file and the different types of compensation they could be eligible for.

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