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Distracted driving and injury statistics in Massachusetts

A driver is considered to be distracted when he or she is doing anything that could take their attention off of the road. For example, when a driver sends a text message while on the road, he or she may increase the odds of a harmful car accident. Each day in the United States, 1,153 people are injured in distracted driving accidents.In addition to causing injury, it may be possible to kill someone in a distracted driving accident. An average of nine people are killed every day in such crashes. There are a variety of risk factors that could increase the likelihood of a driver being distracted while behind the wheel. Those who are young or otherwise inexperienced may be more likely to drive while distracted. Other risk factors include using a cell phone while driving or driving while under the influence of banned substances. Passengers in cars that are operated by drivers who send text messages are more likely to send text messages while driving. They may also be more likely to ride with a drunk driver or drive while drunk themselves. To lower this risk, states are banning texting while driving or otherwise limiting younger drivers’ ability to do so.Those who are injured in a car accident may wish to contact a personal injury attorney. An attorney may help an injured victim get all of the compensation that he or she is entitled to under state law, such as reimbursement for medical bills or lost wages. In some cases, a financial award will be determined through negotiations that take place outside of court. However, an attorney may also be able to defend a crash victim inside of court if necessary.

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