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Car crashes through Massachusetts apartment, injures sleeping man

A 71-year-old Massachusetts man experienced a close call on Dec. 11 when a car crashed through the wall of his bedroom and came to a stop just beside his bed. The accident occurred at about 2:30 a.m. on Vernon St. in Worcester. A gray Subaru driven by a 33-year-old Colombian woman was traveling near the victim’s apartment when it struck a parked car. The impact caused the Subaru to jump the curb and cross a small patch of grass before it struck the side of the apartment building. The car traveled through the wall and went almost completely into the man’s bedroom, where he was asleep. The man reported that a loud sound like an explosion woke him. He only saw the car when he turned on a light. He later supposed that the vehicle would have crushed him had the wall of his apartment not stopped the back tire, preventing the car from completely entering his room. He suffered a cut on his head and a minor injury to his foot. The apartment, where the man has lived for 18 years, sustained significant damage in the accident. The female driver appeared in court later on Dec. 11. Police accused her of operating under the influence and other charges. Officers noted that she had allegedly attempted to give them false names during her detainment. Accidents involving cars crashing through buildings can result in serious injuries if the occupants are home. Intoxicated drivers, who often make the decision to drive despite drinking or using drugs, typically face criminal charges for their negligence. However, victims can only seek compensation for their injuries and other damages in civil court. Personal injury attorneys may be able to advise victims on the process of filing suit against drunk drivers after car accidents. Source: CBS Boston, “Car crashes into sleeping Worcester man’s bedroom“, December 11, 2014